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About the webinar series

Over the last 2 years, SulGas has established itself as a marquee event in South Asia devoted exclusively to various topics in the areas of Sulphur Recovery and Gas Treating and is distinguished as a neutral, and high-quality technical forum in the region. While tentatively withholding announcements regarding the 2021 edition of the conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SulGas is launching a digital connect with the e-Connect webinar series. This free to register e-Connect webinar series will continue to follow the high technical standards set by previous SulGas events.

An e-certificate will be issued to participants for each session. Registered delegates will also receive complimentary digital access to the Sulphur Magazine.

Duration: 1 hour

11:30 AM London 2:30 PM Dubai 4:00 PM New Delhi 6:30 PM Singapore

Domenica Misale

Director of Technology
Industrial Ceramics Limted

22 September 2020, Tuesday 

eS05: Reliability of Boiler Tube Protection Systems - A Valero Case History

The authors will present a Valero Energy case study, spanning 10 years of operation, and our efforts to improve the reliability of the tubesheet protection system. The Sulfur Recovery Unit operated reliably for five years under air-based operation; however, once plant modifications were incorporated to increase unit capacity using oxygen enrichment, the tubesheet protection system experienced repeated failures. As is too often the case, the tendency was to single out ferrule failure as the most expedient (but mostly incomplete) root cause. A systematic review of all the contributing factors investigated as part of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will be presented.


William I. Echt

Technology Licensing Director
Merrichem Company

06 October 2020, Tuesday 

eS06: Coso Case Study: 27 Years of Reliable Sulfur Removal

The geothermal steam wells at the Coso facility provide a renewable source of energy. The non-condensable vapors from the wells cannot be vented to the atmosphere until small amounts of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are removed. The gas stream consists primarily of carbon dioxide and water with a concentration of H2S in the range of 1-2 volume percent. The composition is analogous to an amine acid gas produced in natural gas processing. The LO-CAT® process has removed H2S at this site for 27 years. Using liquid redox technology greatly reduced sulfur emission exceedances and operating costs relative to previously used technologies.


Yves Herssens

Global Licensing Manager
Scrubbing Technologies
Dupont Clean Technologies

20 October 2020, Tuesday 

eS07: Efficiently Reducing SO2 Emissions on a Smaller Plot

Increasingly stringent SO2 emission requirements from sulfur recovery units (SRUs) are driving refineries to solutions that minimize capital expenditure, maintenance costs and operator involvement. In this webinar, we will discuss how an Asian refinery added reliability to the overall Claus plant emissions, especially in terms of emissions during emergency shutdowns and startups. The unique flexibility of the DynaWave® technology ensures emission control at all times, even during bypass of the TGTU or entire Claus plant. This refinery reduced sulfurous emissions on a smaller plot space at a lower investment cost.


If you missed any of our previous webinars, we have you covered. Now, access recordings of our completed webinars and watch them at your pace (upon registration you receive access for 5 days).


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